IMA price increases will affect CMA students

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Thinking about taking the next step in your career by taking the CMA Exam and getting your certification? Now may be the right time to move forward as IMA® will be increasing their prices on October 1, 2023. To help you know what to expect, we're breaking down what you need to know and opportunities to save money, no matter when you sign up. 

What is IMA?

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is a global association of accounting and finance professionals with over 140,000 members across 150 countries. Over the past 100 years, they've built their organization into a platform of knowledge, advocacy, and development in the industry. To help accountants gain new skills and opportunities, they also offer professional certification programs, including the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification program. 

Becoming a CMA with IMA

Getting your CMA certification through IMA takes four steps:

  1. Join IMA. They offer membership plans for established professionals, college students who are exploring their career, and accounting academics.
  2. Enroll in the CMA program. Entering the program as a candidate means paying the CMA entrance fee puts you on the path to the next step. 
  3. Register for the CMA Exams. There are two parts to the exam covering 12 critical competencies. Part One covers financial planning, performance, and analytics, while Part Two covers Strategic Financial Management. 
  4. Pass the examinations. Also, you must comply with the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. 

IMA price increases

Now that you have a better understanding of IMA if you weren't already familiar, the pricing and upcoming price changes on October 1st, 2023 will make more sense. 

For Professionals: 

  • Membership will increase from $275 to $295
  • CMA entrance fee will increase from $280 to $300
  • CMA Exam fee will increase from $460 per part to $495 per part

For Students and Academics: 

  • Membership will increase from $45 to $49 annually for students and from $150 to $160 academics. 
  • CMA entrance fee will increase from $210 to $225
  • CMA Exam fee will increase from $345 to $370 per part

How to save on the CMA Exam

Becker is dedicated to helping you advance in your career, and we don't want costs or other factors to stand in your way. That's why when you purchase a CMA Exam Review Package, you'll receive a 40% off promotion code for both IMA membership and the entrance fee! 

The next way Becker helps you save? By helping you pass the CMA Exam the first time (and not have to pay for a second round of exam fees). 

Get a free 14-day trial to Becker's CMA Exam course

If you're ready to move forward in your career and become a CMA, we want to help you meet your goals. Get a free CMA demo and get exam preparation materials, access to digital textbooks, and our innovative Adapt2U Technology that automatically transfers your progress if you purchase the Becker CMA Exam Review. 

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