98% of Watt Sells winners prepared for success with Becker

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Winning Watt Sells Award

Becker extends a huge congratulations to all the 2023 winners of the prestigious Watt Sells Award! 

Of these high-achieving award winners, 98% prepared for the exam with Becker, and we’re incredibly proud to have been a part of their CPA journey. 

Learn more about the Watt Sells Award, why it’s such a big accomplishment, and how you can join these top-performing candidates. 

What is the Elijah Watt Sells Award? 

Elijah Watt Sells was one of the first most important figures in public accounting, pioneering the profession into new arenas including governmental services, auditing, and the advancement of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).1

In 1923 in his honor, the AICPA established the Elijah Watt Sells award. It is given to candidates who demonstrate outstanding performance on the CPA Exam, meeting these rigorous requirements: 

  • Pass all four CPA Exam sections on the first attempt 
  • Earn an average cumulative score of over 95.50 

The AICPA directly contacts qualified candidates in the spring following completion of their fourth and final test to notify them of their award.2 

2023 Elijah Watt Sells Award winners 

In June 2024, the AICPA announced the names of the newest set of winners. 

There were 40 Watt Sells Award winners in 2023, out of nearly 86,000 exam candidates. 

These 40 exemplary candidates are: 

Roger Babin (Massachusetts) Will Koehler (Wisconsin)
Harrison Baker (Utah) Vineet Kotak (Washington)
Owen Berry (Florida)Jack Krause (Georgia)
 Matthew Blomquist (Georgia)Joshua Kritzer (Illinois)
Dylan Boone (Ohio)Esther Eleanna Lee (Weissman) (Maryland) 
Alan Brandon (North Carolina)Bryant Lin (New York)
Elise Chase (Massachusetts and Utah)Michelle Lin (Illinois)
Julian Chase (Massachusetts)Sachin Mall (Guam)
Nathaniel Day (Tennessee)Kelly McCarty (Colorado)
Eleanor DeNunzio (Illinois)Khushbu Mittal (California)
Reece Diloreto (Florida)Nechama Nakdimen (Maiman) (New York)
Jared Dunnett (Illinois)Jared Plattman (New York)
Ryan Durbin (Texas) Paul Poliakov (Washington)
Sarah Falkin (Florida) Brandon Rooney (Tennessee)
Yesenia Garcia (Texas)Tina Sarkissian (California)
Cal Granite (Illinois)Tyler Thimjon (Illinois)
Chris Hudson (Texas)Thanh Tran (Texas)
Parker Jackson (Utah) Hannah Van Meeteren (South Dakota)
Anthony Kearl (Montana) Sara Woodward (New York) 
Bradley Koch (Kansas)Jack Wyatt (Alabama)

98% of Watt Sells winners prepared with Becker 

39 of these 40 stellar professionals prepared for their CPA Exam sections using Becker CPA Exam review.

In fact, Becker holds a long-standing track record of having supported over 90% of Watt Sells winners since 2007. We’re incredibly proud of our Elijah Watt Sells Award winners and their accomplishments! 

You can join these top-tier candidates as an Elijah Watt Sells winner. It’s not an easy goal, but it is attainable through hard work and dedication, guided by our Becker CPA Exam review. Check out these CPA Exam tips from previous Watt Sells winners, and learn why they chose to prepare with Becker. 

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