Beyond the CPA Exam Textbooks

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When it comes to preparing for the CPA Exam, everyone learns in different ways. your learning preferences can even change depending on your mood or the amount of time you can block out for studying. You need more than CPA Exam textbooks to prepare, and that’s why Becker offers a dynamic blend of traditional and innovative resources to help you get great results and outcomes from every study session. 

Take a look at how Becker’s unique resources and tools can elevate your studying strategy and help you excel at even the most difficult concepts within the CPA Exam. Whether you prefer self-study or live classroom settings, are a visual learner or prefer hands-on practice, Becker has solutions to support your learning style. 

Becker’s Top Six Tools that go beyond the CPA Exam Textbooks 

Unlimited Practice Tests offer personalized learning with Adapt2U technology

With practice tests customized to specific topics or types of questions, you can hone your knowledge more effectively. Becker’s unlimited practice tests are fully customizable using proprietary Adapt2U technology and draw from more than 7,000 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 700 task-based simulations (TBSs). You select the information you want to practice, the type and number of questions, and the modules, units or sections for each test. 

Using Becker’s adaptive Adapt2U technology, you can choose Exam or Practice Mode and have test questions customized to your learning needs. This adaptive learning engine modifies the course to address any gaps in your understanding and create a personalized learning path. 

Simulated Exams and Mini-Exams prepare you for real CPA Exam conditions. 

Becker builds our simulated exams based on the AICPA blueprint of the latest version of the CPA Exam. Our team of experienced CPAs, not AI, design these exams to mimic the actual CPA Exam’s question volume, weighting and skill level to help you better prepare for the CPA Exam format and strengthen your test-taking strategy, particularly for TBSs. These Simulated Exams are key to getting the “Becker Bump”—a lift in your actual CPA Exam score, compared to your score on the Simulated Exam. 

Mini Exams are smaller, bite-sized exams that give you a taste of the real CPA Exam experience earlier in your review – letting you test knowledge more often as you progress through the course. 

A Final Review Simulated Exam is also available for each of Becker’s Final Review Courses, offering another way to feel confident in your skills and knowledge before Exam Day.

Becker SkillBuilder and ExamSolver Videos 

When you only have CPA Exam textbooks to rely on, there's no additional clarification if you don't understand a difficult concept. With Becker SkillBuilder and Exam Solver videos, if you miss a question or don’t fully understand the principle behind the solution, it’s not a problem. 

Within Becker’s unique SkillBuilder and ExamSolver videos, our expert instructors walk you through every step to work both TBSs and MCQs. These focused videos highlight proven problem-solving strategies and time-saving techniques critical for passing the CPA Exam.

  • SkillBuilder Videos detail the latest solutions and strategies for TBS questions within your coursework and show you how to apply conceptual knowledge to real-world application. Every TBS within your review course has a corresponding video. 
  • ExamSolver Videos back-up every single question within the Simulated Exams and Mini Exams, covering both TBS and MCQs. World-class instructors walk you through strategies and step-by-step solutions to ensure you are Exam Day Readysm.

These videos, unique to Becker, are invaluable for self-study – to reinforce learning and develop a strategy to get each missed question right the next time. 

LiveOnline CPA Exam Classes offer live instruction in a classroom setting

CPA Exam textbooks are convenient, but a classroom setting can offer the benefits and accountability of live instruction and the ability to ask questions in real-time. While Becker’s LiveOnline classes are a huge hit for many students though they remain one of Becker’s “best-kept secrets.” 

LiveOnline classes are ideal if you prefer to learn in a more structured or scheduled environment with a live instructor and other students. These virtual classes keep you accountable with a set study schedule and weekly classes taught by expert Becker instructors, and you can even combine your self-study with LiveOnline classes or watch the LiveOnline lectures on demand at your own pace.

Two Mobile Becker Apps offer learning on-the-go

Studying on-the-go with CPA Exam textbooks is almost impossible, and learning through your phone or tablet is much more convenient. No other CPA Review offers two distinct apps, giving you more options and opportunities to learn exam concepts in your own way. 

  • Becker’s CPA Exam Review App provides fully-functional course features , specifically tailored to your smartphone or tablet for quick review. 
  • Becker’s award-winning Accounting for Empires mobile game helps you learn important concepts while having fun building an empire. Answer questions. Build your empire. Prepare to crush your upcoming CPA Exam! 

Unmatched, unlimited Customer and Academic  Support 

Becker instructors, customer support, academic support and even other Becker students can offer expertise, address your concerns and answer your questions. Here how we do it: 

Your Academic Support team is composed of licensed CPAs who are subject matter experts in the various parts of the CPA Exam. These experts come from impressive backgrounds, including individuals from the Big 4 accounting firms, university professors who are also licensed CPAs, and professionals who have served as CFOs or CEOs. 

This team answers unlimited course content questions from Becker students. If you do not understand a concept or answer to a MCQ or TBS, you can get help by simply opening a case. Our team answers your question with clear explanations and examples, every day of the year, most within 24 hours. 

Your Customer Support team is here to answer questions about the course materials and exam review. This team can help you schedule time with a tutor or success coach and can help Concierge and Pro students develop customized study pans in Success Coaching sessions. 


Go beyond CPA Exam textbooks with Becker's 14-day free trial

These aren’t all of the unique tools Becker offers. With our leading CPA Exam review, you’ll get exclusive benefits, unlimited support, plus, professionally written CPA Exam textbooks. Get a 14-day free-trial of our review and go beyond the CPA Exam textbooks for yourself.

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