How to pass the time while waiting on your CPA Exam scores

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The AICPA and NASBA recently shared the CPA Exam score release dates for 2024, and candidates may have a longer wait this year than in the past. We understand that waiting to get your exam scores can feel interminable - you've put so much work into studying, took a four-hour exam, and now you want to know if you passed so you can move on to the next section. While we can't help you get your scores faster, we can share some tips on how to pass the time while waiting for your CPA Exam scores. 

What you can do while waiting for your CPA Exam scores

You have a few months between taking the exam and getting your score, so here are a few ways you can fill it. 

Home improvement project

Now that you have a free weekend, it's time to tackle that one project you never had a chance to get to. It could be a jam-packed closet that needs to be cleaned out, maybe your gutters are clogged with leaves, or your Christmas tree is still up. A home improvement task gives you the chance to catch up, take your mind off waiting and boost your confidence and your momentum.

Create a sourdough starter

During the early days of the pandemic, making bread, particularly sourdough, became incredibly popular. If you missed out on that craze, or your starter didn't work the first time, now is your chance. Get some whole-wheat flour or a gluten-free option, some bottled water, a clean glass container with a lid and the King Arthur sourdough starter recipe, and you're all set. 

Catch up on television

When you're studying, you're at your desk with a textbook and a notepad or watching Mike Potenza explain LLCs and Mike Brown dive into IT-related issues. While you're waiting for your CPA Exam results, you could be enjoying the latest bestseller or knocking out your Netflix queue. 

What you should do while waiting for your exam scores

You could clean your gutters, make a sourdough loaf, or rewatch The Office. But don't turn your back on your books! The best thing you can do between taking the exam and getting the results is to start studying for the next section of the exam. 

Build on your existing knowledge

This may seem counter-intuitive to move forward when you're not sure if you will have to re-take the section again. However, if you're following Becker's recommendations for the best order to take the CPA Exam, you'll know that everything you studied for will help support what you need to learn in the next section. You'll be in a good position to succeed moving forward, especially if you don't let any big gaps in your studying derail your progress.

And if it turns out that you do need to re-take the section of the exam again, it's okay. Whether you decide to go back to that section to re-take it or put it on the backburner and move forward on the new section you're studying for, everything you learn will benefit you in the long run. 

Stay focused

If you're waiting for two, three, or even five months for your scores and don't keep up with studying during that time, it may be hard to get back on track once you get your results back.  You'll have to regain your motivation and your momentum. Taking a short break, then focusing your attention to the next section of the exam will keep you sharp and motivated. 

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