Ethics for Accountants: 2021 Virtual Accounting & Auditing Conference 

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The topic of ethics is one that all accountants need to be in tune with; after all, maintaining ethical standards is of the utmost importance when you’re dealing with sensitive and confidential financial information. Moreover, staying up to date on evolving ethics practices isn’t just a good idea, but a requirement towards maintaining a CPA license! 

Becker’s 2021 Virtual Accounting & Auditing Conference will host a variety of speaker-led sessions which cover key topics that are relevant and interesting to accounting professionals. Becker instructor Mike Brown will host the session “Ethics and Independence for the Accounting Professional,” and break down the importance of ethical standards for practicing accountants. Learn more about his session below! 

What will you be speaking about at the 2021 A&A conference, and why is it relevant to all accountants? 

I’ll be tackling “Ethics and Independence for the Accounting Professional.” High ethical standards are woven into the fabric of the accounting profession, and demonstrating those ethical standards is ultimately what allows the general public to place their trust in the assurances we as accountants provide. Since the area of ethics is always relevant, it is always beneficial for accountants to update their knowledge in this area!

What is one thing you hope conference attendees take away from your session?

My hope is that they find the session to be anything but dry! I know that ethics can be a challenge to make interesting, but as a presenter, I enjoy a challenge.

Why should accountants attend the 2021 A&A conference? 

Becker’s 2021 A&A Conference is an opportunity to get a lot of CPE in one place (9 credits!), learn about a range of topics/issues, and see the very best Becker has to offer in terms of presenters and subject matter. I’m immensely proud of the group of instructors that Becker is able to bring to an event like this – and I hope that attendees will feel the same way.

Why is it important that CPAs keep up with their CPE requirements? 

There’s the basic answer, which is still important: to maintain their license in good standing. But more than that, it’s a chance to embrace lifelong learning – something that I strongly believe will keep accountants relevant in the future!

Why should accountants/CPAs choose Becker as their CPE provider?

Simple answer – we’re the best. I think that many folks understand that what we are best known for, our CPA Exam Review, is staunchly rooted in quality. We bring that same passion for quality and engagement to ALL of our products – including our CPE!

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