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A seat at the table: Discussing women's issues in the accounting industry

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According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statics, women make up nearly 60 percent of accountants and auditors and 52 percent of all financial managers. But even though women are in the majority, this is a fairly recent occurrence and leadership, such as managers, partners, and senior accountants, are male-dominated spaces. 

To discuss these issues and how women can continue to find their seat at the table, make their voices heard, navigate challenges and find opportunities, Becker hosted a roundtable discussion with Dr. Kelly Pope, Angelle Cascio and Angie Brown. 

Discussion topics

During this roundtable discussion, the Becker team discusses a variety of topics, including: 

  • Life as a woman in accounting and finding power in being the only one in the room
  • Differences in experiences including entering the industry in the 1990s compared to in the 2010s
  • Finding a balance between work and home (and if it's even possible)
  • Myths and stereotypes about women in accounting
  • Feeling prepared for the business world beyond the book learning, including navigating a less-than-welcoming environment and giving yourself permission to speak up
  • Challenges they've faced in the workplace, including proving your capability and competence when your career hasn't taken the traditional path

Resources for women in accounting

In addition to listening to the webinar, networking and connecting with other women can be incredibly beneficial to gaining the mentorship necessary to succeed. Some groups include: 

Watch the Women in Accounting Roundtable 

Whether you're new to the industry or established in your career, the Becker team provides excellent guidance as they share their experiences and discuss what they've learned over their own careers. Check out the webinar to get started. 

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