Skillmaster videos

Tackle task-based simulations with confidence

Properly preparing for task-based simulations is critical to surviving the CPA Exam. That’s why we’ve created SkillMaster videos for you. They are exclusive and innovative new teaching videos specifically designed to get you comfortable with the most complex exam questions.

How do CPA SkillMaster videos work?

Confused? Fearful? Need a friendly face? All you need to do is click on the SkillMaster videos below. An expert Becker instructor can teach you how to master the task-based simulation questions step-by-step. Experience how SkillMaster videos apply conceptual knowledge to real-world applications.

It’s like having your own personal CPA coach!

Instructors show you how to work the task-based simulations while offering problem-solving strategies and time-saving techniques. They take you through the correct solution and also give you a deep-dive explanation into the logic behind the answer.