Enhancements to the Becker CPA Exam Review course for CPA Evolution

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In advance of the CPA Exam’s changes, as part of the AICPA’s Evolution project, we at Becker are transitioning our world-renowned CPA Exam Review course.  

Our new product will be released in the fall of 2023, with enhancements that include entirely new content, more live ways to learn, and an even more personalized learning experience for exam candidates. We promise to significantly enhance the student’s learning journey. Becker’s President and CEO Ed Clark adds, “We’ve invested millions of dollars over the last eighteen months, to develop an entirely new CPA Exam Review experience.”  


Becker CPA Exam Review enhancements for Evolution 

Our upcoming CPA Evolution enhancements include: 

New content 

  • 900+ new, right-sized and dynamic video lectures 

  • New multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, flashcards, etc. 

  • Taught by a team of expert instructors, including two new instructors 

More live virtual ways to learn

  • LiveOnline classes 

More personalization 

  • Adapt2U Technology upgrade 

  • Customizable study planner 


As part of our transition plan, Becker commits to current students, and those who begin study before the product release, that they’ll have access to the new platform, tools and content as it’s released. “We want students who have already started their prep to be confident that Becker has their back”, said Becker’s Vice President of Product Development and Innovation, Angie Brown. “When our new product is released later this year, we expect that current students will seamlessly transition into the new design, to continue their study journey.” 

These major product enhancements arrive on the cusp of two recent Becker releases, including the rollout of the Pass Guarantee and Exam Day ReadySM , which helps guide students towards a proven methodology for exam success. 


For more CPA Evolution resources visit www.becker.com/evolution.  

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