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As a junior or senior in college, you’re probably gearing up to enter the workforce. Finding an internship or your first full-time job can be intimidating – you'll want to do everything you can now to make yourself marketable to the accounting firm of your choice. Aside from boosting your resume and networking with professionals who are where you’d like to be, there are ways to show that you’re hard-working and dedicated to excelling in the accounting field. At the top of the list is joining the Beta Alpha Psi honors organization.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an organization for the highest-achieving financial information students and professionals. It's chartered at over 300 colleges and universities, and there are over 300,000 members across the world. Imagine that network!

I believe it’s critical to give back to the accounting profession – my role as Senior National Instructor at Becker gives me one powerful avenue to do that. Beta Alpha Psi is another. As a BAP Professional Partner, I’m able to help support the next generation of accounting students in a meaningful way. For me personally, it also is a unique opportunity to connect with stakeholders from across the profession – accounting firms, major corporations, state societies, review course providers and more.

At its core, the organization aims to “shape the financial and business information professions by developing members into ethical, professional and confident leaders.” Members of the organization – both students and working professionals – can expect BAP to inspire and support their excellence in the profession. Because of this, one of the main benefits of joining BAP is for professional development. But there’s more.

In this article, I’ll explore the benefits I’ve witnessed as a member of BAP, professionally and personally, and share the process for joining.


Why should I join BAP?

Allow me to be direct– as an accounting or finance student, your plate is full and your schedule is busy. Why should you add one more thing to your to-do list? Well, Beta Alpha Psi has many benefits to support you in your career journey. It’s the best of both worlds – an honor society and a professional fraternity - all rolled into one. Definitely worth the commitment.

To start, joining the organization can help open so many career opportunities. The Beta Alpha Psi network consists of the most accomplished students and professionals in accounting and finance worldwide. As a result, the BAP name rings bells in the business community and is great to have on your resume.

On top of its professional development opportunities, BAP can even improve the rest of your college experience. Because of its strong network of accountants and financial professionals, there’s opportunities for mentorship and networking. In fact, most chapters have a mentorship program where new members and pledges are assigned to alumni with similar interests and career journeys.

Chapter members also bond through community service, and you’ll have opportunities to give back to your local community through the organization.


How to join the BAP organization

Fully convinced and ready to get started? To join BAP, most students start by attending a local chapter meeting. Here’s a list of active BAP chapters. You’ll begin as a pledge, with requirements to actively participate in chapter activities including professional meetings, service projects and social activities. 

You’ll also need to meet the following academic achievement standards:

  • Declare a concentration in accounting, finance, business analytics or digital technology
  • Be a matriculated student at the chapter university.
  • Have completed one- and one-half years of collegiate courses and at least one major course beyond the principles or introductory level
  • Have attained a cumulative grade average in upper level courses, in your declared area of concentration, beyond the business core of at least 3.0
  • Have attained at least a cumulative grade average of 3.0, or have achieved a rank within the top 35% of their university class, or have attained at least a 3.25 cumulative grade average on the most recently completed 30 semester hours; or have attained an honors distinction utilized by their institution deemed to be equivalent to the prior grade requirements by the BAP Board of Directors

Upon completion of these requirements, you can then be inducted as a full-fledged member.


How do I make the most of my BAP membership?

Once you’re a full member of the Beta Alpha Psi organization, the work isn’t over. Sure, you can add membership to your resume. But the most benefits and learnings come from active engagement with your chapter.

The BAP Alumni and Member Network is a great place to start your involvement. The Alumni and Member Network allows you to find other BAP members and alumni based on their interests, career path and geographic location. Basically, it's the ultimate networking tool. On top of the social aspect, there are exclusive video resources covering valuable professional development topics.

Once you graduate, you can continue to support your chapter and fellow accounting professionals by serving as a regional or international Alumni Representative. In this role, you’d speak on behalf of your firm, just as your predecessors came and spoke to you, to further improve the value of the BAP organization. Most importantly, you’ll be the voice of students in your region.


If you’re interested in joining Beta Alpha Psi, you’re likely already on the right track as an accounting student. You care about your career and want to further your professional development. Keep going! BAP can be a stepping stone as you begin your journey in professional accounting and start to accomplish your career goals.

Find your local BAP chapter today.

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