The New Becker CPA Exam Review keeps you a step ahead as you prepare for CPA Evolution

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The New Becker CPA Exam Review launched October 3, 2023 with upgraded study materials and brand new content.

In 2022, the American Institute of CPAs announced CPA Evolution, a significant update of the existing CPA Exam, would go into effect in January 2024. With this announcement, Becker’s team of subject matter experts got to work studying all the components and working to create content that aligns with the AICPA blueprint of the new CPA Exam while providing a more engaging, personalized user experience.

The new Becker CPA Exam Review Course is available, and it goes far beyond updated content to prepare users for CPA Evolution. We saw the shift to CPA Evolution as an opportunity to revitalize our platform, offering new ways to learn, elevate our existing learning tools, and upgrade the technology that’s built into our industry-leading CPA Exam preparation.

For current Becker CPA Exam Review students

We understand that current Becker students may have concerns about whether they’ll lose materials or may not have access to the new Core and Discipline content, but we have designed a seamless transition to the new Becker CPA Exam Review experience. This includes access to the Evolution core and discipline section content. You can also toggle back and forth to access the content you need, based on your planned test dates. Current Becker students preparing to take an exam before the current exam content ends on December 15, 2023 can easily prepare for the current exam structure with a simple click of a button. Similarly, any students who want to begin preparing for an exam after the AICPA’s new CPA Evolution structure begins on January 10, 2024 can also easily access what they need the same way.

Choosing a Discipline

The biggest change that comes with CPA Evolution is the inclusion of Disciplines, and we know selecting one can feel complicated or overwhelming. However, the new Becker CPA Evolution Exam Review lets you try out any or all the Discipline sections for 30 days before you choose one.

Not sure which CPA Exam Discipline is right for you? Take our quiz and find out!

How Becker is enhancing your exam prep experience 

Becker’s subject matter experts used extensive student feedback to improve exam prep and provide a more personalized, engaging, and efficient experience. When you open the new Becker CPA Exam Review, you will find new content crafted by experts, increased personalization, and new ways to learn in both live and virtual spaces. 

Brand-new content 

  • Over 900 new, dynamic lecture videos for all six exam sections. Now, instead of 45 to 60 minutes, our new videos are 10-to-20-minute presentations designed ideally for today’s learners to be more engaging and break down content into manageable sections to boost your comprehension and retention of key content. Check out an example
  • New Lecture Slides support lectures and textbook content. Our lecture slides make complex topics more digestible and aid in retaining information. They follow an easy-to-read, visual format and are ideal for taking notes as you read or review specific topics from the text. 
  • Over 7,000 new multiple-choice questions and 400 task-based simulations. All content was carefully matched to the AICPA's blueprint of the newly revised core sections of the 2024 CPA Exam to help you better prepare. 
  • New textbooks and accompanying practice materials prepare you for the three new Discipline sections. Written by Becker subject matter experts, these resources provide both content and insights to help you confidently pass your advanced discipline, whether you choose Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR), Information Systems and Controls (ISC), or Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP). 

Because we understand that you may not immediately know which discipline section of the exam you want to take, the new Becker CPA Review course lets you try out any discipline section before committing. When you are ready, you choose the discipline section that is best for you. 

More nationally recognized expert instructors 

You may see some new faces on our industry-leading Becker team! Michelle Moshe, Michael Potenza, and Kelly Pope have the experience and knowledge to break down complex topics and will become familiar faces in your study routine as they join returning instructors, Timothy F. Gearty and Michael Brown. 

More personalized learning tools 

Upgraded Adapt2U Technology provides additional options for a learning experience that meets your individual preferences. Personalized Practice Tests powered by Adapt2U measure and focus on areas where you may need improvement and offer more options for practice and review across all exam sections. 

You’ll also be able to take Personalized Practice Tests in Practice Mode and Exam Mode 

  • Practice Mode gives you the correct answers after you submit each question for real-time feedback. 
  • Exam Mode is similar to taking a mini or simulated exam and shows you all of the correct answers only after you have finished answering all of the questions. 

Plus, you’ll have a new customizable Study Planner to create a realistic and customizable study plan that suits your lifestyle, maximizes your time, and keeps you accountable. 

More live learning options 

If you learn best with live instruction but need the flexibility of a virtual setting or scheduled, structured classes to keep you accountable, the new Becker CPA Review Course provides more LiveOnline classes than ever before. These live virtual CPA Exam Review classes bring the value of the classroom to your living room. Participating in the live lectures allows you to submit questions and get answers from instructors or content experts in real time. Follow our class schedule  so you don’t miss a class, or choose from a library of on demand LiveOnline classes  

Still have questions about the new CPA Exam? Learn the latest developments and news about the CPA Evolution at Becker’s CPA Evolution hub

Keeping you a step ahead of the CPA Evolution 

If you are considering acquiring your CPA license, are already studying for the CPA Exam or are even a current Becker CPA Exam Review student, you can count on Becker to keep you a step ahead of the new CPA Evolution with tools that have led the industry in CPA Exam preparation for more than 60 years. 

Whether you want to pass your first exam in 2023 before the changes go into effect or get a jump start on Evolution for January 2024, our CPA Review Course has everything you need to be Exam Day Ready. Find out more about the new CPA Evolution and what Becker's superior learning tools can now do for you when you check out

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