3 reasons why CPA candidates choose Becker CPA Exam Review

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The CPA Exam is difficult, but with a solid study plan and the best CPA study materials to learn from, you can pass all four sections and earn your license. But with several options available, we understand that choosing the right CPA Exam review can feel overwhelming. 

We're sharing the three reasons more CPA candidates choose Becker and some advice from candidates who passed the exam and how they got Exam Day Readysm using Becker study materials and resources. 

Before you dig in, Becker National Instructor, Dr. Kelly Pope shares some insight into the Becker Difference in the short video below!


Reason #1: 94% pass rate

The AICPA recommends candidates spend about 300 hours studying for the CPA Exam to understand the concepts and how to apply them in real-world situations. If you're going to invest so much time and energy, you want to know that you're using the best CPA study materials to help you pass the exam. 

Becker Exam Day Readysm students reported a 94 percent pass rate on the exam sections they attempted. For perspective, the AICPA reported an average pass rate of 57.67 percent1 that same year.  

Colin F., CPA, pictured below, studied with Becker before passing all four exam sections. When we asked why he chose Becker for his exam studies, he answered:  

“Simply put, the statistics are why I chose Becker as my preparation course. Accounting is a numbers profession, and the numbers show that Becker has the highest CPA Exam pass rate when compared to the rest of the field. I wanted to give myself the best chance of passing the exams and Becker, in mine and others’ experiences, is the best choice.”  

Choosing an exam review with a high success rate offers proof of concept and peace of mind. Over one million CPA candidates have turned to Becker to help them earn their CPA license and you can feel confident we can help you, too.

Reason #2: The best CPA study materials

Each section of the exam covers a large volume of information you'll need to know for multiple-choice questions and apply it in task-based simulations. To understand these complex topics, you'll need comprehensive materials and resources available to suit your learning needs. 

Becker's CPA Exam review provides several learning mediums designed for all types of learning and lifestyle needs, including: 

  • Textbooks for studying and reinforcing information

  • Short-format video lectures to break down complex topics and ensure comprehension

  • Lecture slides that go with each video and support effective notetaking and studying

  • Over 4,000 multiple-choice questions and 400 task-based simulations in an adaptive format to help find areas where you may need additional support

  • Simulated exams prepare you for the CPA Exam format, the time limits within the exam and the type and format of questions you can expect

Plus, Becker's Exam Tracker helps you track your study progress against your exam date to ensure you have enough time to review the exam material and are on a path to being fully prepared. 

Another fellow Becker student who recently passed the CPA Exams, Ivanka Z., says, “Becker’s materials have the right balance of visuals, examples and mnemonics. Instructors’ explanations in lectures and the SkillBuilder videos assist in getting a grip on accounting and finance concepts and techniques.”   

Reason #3: Continued customer and academic support

The best CPA study materials are important, but you also need support along the way, and Becker offers the best customer and academic support among any of the review options! You're never alone during your journey with the support and assistance of our expert instructors as well as an Academic Support team. 

When you have a question or are hung up on a topic, our team provides the clarity you need. In 2023 alone, we solved 101,144 cases, and 95 percent were answered successfully in under 24 hours! 

Plus, our 2024 CPA exam review offers: 

  • LiveOnline classes so you can engage and ask questions in real-time
  • 1-on-1 tutoring sessions
  • Success Coaching to help you build a study plan
  • Limitless Academic and Customer Support

Ivanka leaned on our Academic Support team when CPA topics got tough and even for feedback on her performance. “I sent Academic Support my written communication answers to receive feedback on the format, grammar, punctuation and content of my responses. Spending some extra time to submit those questions to Academic Support definitely paid off!”  

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  1. Learn more about CPA Exam scoring and pass rates | Resources | AICPA & CIMA (

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