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Gender in the workplace: 2021 Virtual Accounting & Auditing Conference

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Becker’s 2021 Virtual Accounting & Auditing Conference will host a variety of speaker-led sessions which cover key topics that are relevant and interesting to accounting professionals. Marsha Bonner, SHRM-CP, will host the session “Prioritizing Gender Equality in the Workplace.” In this session, Marsha will highlight the elements of gender biases that can be present in the workplace and the importance of minimizing gender inequality whenever possible. Learn more about the session below! 

What will you be speaking about at the 2021 A&A Conference, and why is it relevant to all accountants?

I will be leading the session called Prioritizing Gender Equality in the Workplace. This is an extremely important discussion to have, as systemic disparities still exist between men and women in the workplace, which impedes the ability of organizations to drive balanced problem-solving and decision-making. Large company decisions can benefit from the voices of women who have been silenced, which is one reason that minimizing the chance of gender bias is so important. Gender bias has caused women to endure marginalization in the workplace, and the negative effects of gender inequality has real impact within organizations. Some of these negative consequences include workplace conflict, poor company morale, reduced organizational productivity and possible legal issues.

What is one thing you hope conference attendees take away from your session?

I would like to raise conference attendees’ awareness around the issue of gender inequality in the workplace. I hope to encourage attendees to make conscious, proactive efforts to implement gender equity standards in their work environments through policies and practices that are inclusive and respectful of their women colleagues. Many of the gender disparities directly influence decisions around compensation, leadership roles, promotions and work/life balance, which makes it all the more important to establish initiatives that combat gender bias.

Why are you passionate about the 2021 A&A conference?

I am passionate about the 2021 A&A Conference because it will serve as an opportunity for accountants to come together and discuss the burning issues that directly affect the businesses they own and the companies they serve. Accountants will have the chance to reset their value at the decision-making table through the hard and soft skill knowledge they will gain from the conference. This new knowledge will allow them to more confidently respond to their CEO when asked the question: Beyond the numbers, what do you think?

 Why should accountants attend the 2021 A&A conference?

Accountants and CPAs, like many professionals that operate within the infrastructure of an organization, should always be looking “around the corner” to enhance their professional portfolio with cutting-edge information and insights, as well as new concepts and ideas to drive business performance. They can gain this kind of knowledge at the A&A conference. 

Why is it important that CPAs keep up with their CPE requirements?

Organizations look to CPAs as trusted business advisors. Keeping on top of CPE requirements reinforces accountants’ abilities to provide relevant and current information that is useful to their business leaders.

Why should accountants/CPAs choose Becker as their CPE provider?

I strongly believe that Becker is a valuable and trusted resource for accountants and CPAs. The organization’s accounting depth and breadth of knowledge is unparalleled and a true testament to the commitment that Becker has in maintaining its status as the preeminent, world class, professional educational service provider for the accounting profession. 

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