Becker Bundle - Now with Unlimited Access!

A key to success on the CPA Exam is confidence that you are fully prepared.

That’s what the Becker Bundle is all about. Our premium review package includes lectures, textbooks, simulations, practice questions, mock exams, flashcards, a final review module and more. It’s thorough, relevant and efficient, to help empower you to succeed when you sit for the exam. And, now, you can access the course & materials for as long as you need it until you pass the exam!


The Becker Bundle Overview

Here’s what you get!



Unlimited Access

Taking the exam is tough enough. That’s why we’re offering students who have purchased the Bundle unlimited access to the course - and all of its premium features - for as along as you need it. Becker’s got your back! Visit our policy page for more information.

Experienced, Engaging Instructors

  • Becker instructors are experienced CPAs and professionals from accounting, law or business.
  • Instructors are selected and trained on engaging and informative CPA Exam learning techniques.
  • Instruction trusted by over 2,000 accounting firms, corporations, government agencies and universities.

Over 100 Hours of Relevant, Modular Instruction

  • Crafted to mirror the format and questions on the actual CPA Exam.
  • To help you feel comfortable and confident on exam day, and to ensure your study time is effective and efficient.
  • Content geared towards subject matter comprehension, rather than rote memorization.

Adapt2U Learning Technology

  • Pre-assessment provides a recommended path to focus your study time where you need it most.
  • Performance reports track your development and highlight areas where you may need to strengthen your knowledge.

Comprehensive Textbooks and E-Books

Becker’s skilled and experience writers translate information into content you can better understand, with material that’s relevant to the CPA Exam and ongoing, regular updates to assure you are studying content that’s most likely to be tested.

Over 7,000 Relevant Multiple-Choice Questions

Becker continually monitors potential changes to understand what is being asked on the most current CPA Exam. Instead of being overloaded by studying out-of-date material or learning about questions that are no longer asked on the Exam, you get the right questions to help you succeed.

Over 400 Task-Based Simulations (TBS)

  • Simulations use real-life work situations to test your knowledge and skills in specific subject areas.
  • Designed to help you move beyond memorization to the practical application of your knowledge now being tested on the Exam.

Interactive Study Planner

  • Throughout the process, interactive planning and progress tests allow you to track your studying.
  • Provides feedback to build your knowledge to give you confidence in your success.

1,400 Digital Flashcards

  • Built-in search helps you locate cards of interest.
  • View in random order or by lecture and topic.
  • Clearly displayed statistics help you monitor your progress.
  • A $99 retail value.

Online Final Review to Double-Check Your Readiness

  • Condensed format strengthens your comprehension of the most heavily tested exam concepts.
  • New lectures, multiple-choice questions and simulations for your final hours of study time.
  • A $495 retail value.

Easy Navigation and Helpful Tools

  • Becker’s integrated platform hosts all study resources in one convenient location.
  • Streamlines navigation between textbooks, lectures, homework and simulations.
  • Study anywhere at any time.
  • Becker tools make it easy to take notes, highlight text, search for key words and control video speed.

Interactive Skills Practice Modules

  • An engaging TBS practice experience utilizing custom animation and touchscreen technology.
  • Instructor-guided practice on applying key concept examples.

Three Mock Exams per Section

  • One exam based on the blueprint of the actual CPA Exam, providing a sense of how much is being asked and its weighting.
  • One comprehensive mock exam focuses on more challenging exam areas.
  • Plus, you can create your own mock-exams to hone in on areas on which you need to focus.

Accounting for Empires Learning Game

  • Prep and play at the same time.
  • Interactive game experience lets you compete individually or as a group.
  • Build an empire to help prepare you for Exam Day.

Unlimited Academic Support

  • Access to support and answers from experienced professors.
  • Professor mentoring lets you post exam-related questions and get a response in 48 hours or less.
  • Archived discussions offer immediate access to potential answers to your inquiries.

Becker Promise

The Becker Promise is Becker Professional Education’s tuition waiver program for candidates who complete our review course but do not pass the CPA Exam. Our Promise? To provide you with the greatest opportunity to pass the CPA Exam by using our comprehensive CPA Exam Review and time-tested approach. If you utilize Becker but do not pass the CPA Exam, you may repeat our review course at no additional tuition cost (tuition waiver) if you satisfy our requirements. Click here for full details.


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