CPA Exam Review

For 60 years, Becker has helped make the most of each student's valuable study time to help drive exam success. When you prepare with Becker’s powerful and innovative new CPA Exam Review, you’re not just prepared, you’re Becker prepared.


Becker's all-new CPA Exam Review is designed to help prepare students for the most current CPA exam. This new review is more personalized and more efficient than ever before with our innovative Adapt2U Learning Technology. A specially designed pre-assessment provides a recommended learning path focusing on key areas where students need the most help. Progress tests along the way also track development and provide feedback to build knowledge and instill confidence.

Study Formats

Flexible study options:

  • Gain flexibility with a choice of 3 study formats: Self-Study, LiveOnline and Live.  No matter which format you choose, you get all the same materials.
  • Study anywhere, anytime from any computer or our mobile app available on Apple® and Android™ tablets and smartphones.
  • Accounting for Empires™, offers a chance to build your knowledge as you play and even compete against others.
  • Automatic synchronization between all devices ensures your progress is always up-to-date.

We appreciate the time and effort required to prepare for the CPA Exam. We make sure students can maximize their learning by offering flexible study options:


Engaging lectures, multiple-choice questions, simulations and mock exams in a portable, multimedia-based format


Live webinar courses are designed to give you the guidance of live Becker instruction wherever you prefer to study.


Becker offers its CPA Exam Review live in over 100 classrooms worldwide.

Hours of Instruction Per Part:

This course includes 18 hours of live instruction*

This course includes 18 hours of live instruction*

This course includes 30 hours of live instruction*

This course includes 24 hours of live instruction*

*Hours of instruction represent allotted schedule time for live classes. Actual pre‐recorded lecture hours may vary.