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Above all, you want to be ready and feel confident on exam day. Becker Exam Day
Advantage is our comprehensive study and coaching system that combines
powerful practice tools with expert instructors to promote focused preparation
every step of the way.

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A Course that Replicates the Exam

CPA Exam-matching Materials

Exam-Matching Materials

Know what to expect on Exam Day. Our study materials, sample problems, task-based simulations, Simulated Exams and more are all formatted to mirror how they appear on the exam. The benefit is a more authentic experience for you.

Relevant and Up-to-Date Concepts

Relevant and Up-to-Date

Becker consults regularly with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for guidance on
potential exam changes. We use this input to update our
materials, so you prepare for the actual content you’ll encounter
on the current exam. You won’t study out-of-date concepts or questions that are no longer used.

Move Beyond Memorization to Application

Task-Based Simulations

Feel confident when facing Task-Based Simulations. Our exclusive Skills
Practice Modules take you beyond memorization to application of your
knowledge and can sharpen your focus to help you work efficiently.

NEW!  CPA SkillMaster Videos – Only From Becker

Confused? Fearful? Need a friendly face? All you need to do is click on the
CPA SkillMaster Video.  An expert Becker instructor will teach you how to
master the Task-Based Simulation questions step-by-step. It’s like having
your own personal CPA coach!

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CPA Mock Exams


Becker gives you the opportunity to take Simulated Exams because we
believe more practice leads to more exam-day confidence. We offer two
unique types of purpose-built Simulated Exams in each section of the course.
Both are meticulously crafted – not computer generated.

First Type of Simulated Exam (One Per Section):

A comprehensive test that includes never-seen-before questions, designed
to evaluate your overall understanding of the materials. This can be used as
an indicator of potential problem areas that you may need to focus on before
you take the next Simulated Exam mirroring the actual CPA Exam.

Second Type of Simulated Exam (NOW: Two Per Section):

These Simulated Exams are based on the blueprint of the actual Exam. They mimic the test’s question volume, weighting, and skill level. Every time you take one, you’ll have the opportunity to figure out where you need more help, re-review that topic and relevant content, and then take another Simulated Exam to see your progress. The goal is to get you as prepared as possible for the real Exam day.

Teaching to Learn

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

Becker Adapt2U technology helps you make the most of your
valuable study time. Your course begins with an assessment of
what you already know, and where you need the most
assistance. This helps create a program focused on the content
you need to learn to be ready and confident to pass with flying
colors. Plus, regular performance checks may also help you focus
on areas where you need to be stronger.

CPA Final Review

Final Review

Our Final Review strengthens your preparation for the most
heavily tested concepts. This condensed format can help put the
finishing touches on your readiness, with lectures, practice
questions and simulations.

Tools for Success

CPA Study Planner

Study Smarter

Our Study Planner provides tools to structure your study time for maximum
efficiency and best results. Interactive tools allow you to regularly assess your
readiness, and Becker feedback reinforces your confidence.

Expert Instruction

Your instructors will all be CPAs with professional experience in accounting,
law or business. They are carefully selected and meticulously trained to make
your classes engaging and informative. Becker instructors are highly
respected by over 2,000 accounting firms, corporations, government agencies
and universities.

About the Exam

You’ve probably heard the CPA Exam is a huge
challenge. In this section, you’ll find requirements
to sit for the Exam, learn more about the four
parts of the Exam and how Becker can help
prepare you for success.


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