Becker Launches New Study Tool, CPA SkillMaster Videos

10 min read

Do you ever wish you had a coach to walk you through the most complex CPA Exam questions? Meet our new CPA Skillmaster Videos!

The one-of-a-kind study tool has expert instructors walking you through solutions and strategies for the CPA exam task-based simulations (TBS). It’s like having your own personal CPA coach!

An expert Becker instructor shows you how to work the TBS while offering problem-solving strategies and time-saving techniques. They take you through the correct solution and also give you a “deep-dive” explanation into the logic behind the answer. Becker’s CPA SkillMaster Videos are powerful tools that can help you apply conceptual knowledge to real-world applications. View examples of these videos here.

“Being successful on the CPA Exam is equal parts knowledge and strategy,” said Angie Brown, senior director of product management at Becker Professional Education. “Students need to understand the types of questions they will be asked and develop a strategy to work through the task-based simulations as quickly as possible. We believe the CPA SkillMaster Videos will help to provide that additional level of confidence they need to feel prepared and ready to succeed on exam day and beyond.”

Check out the task-based simulations across all four CPA Exam sections here.