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Cheryl Weir

Cheryl has been coaching individuals and teams in corporations committed to producing breakthrough results since 1992. Her client list includes: Pfizer/Wyeth, A Big 4 accounting firm, Anchin, Block and Anchin, RKL, DuPont, Kimberly-Clark, Barclays Capital, IBM, Cisco, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Novartis, J&J, Jefferson Wells, Hershey Foods, Temple University Health System, Hajoca Corporation, Acme-Hardesty, Carter & Burgess, Siemens, and Wharton, as well as many smaller organizations. She leads team and leadership workshops designed to produce results beyond what these leaders could imagine before working with Cheryl. Recently she has been working with several organizations to uncover what sets apart the “stars” and “leaders” from those who are not and has a process to quickly identify leadership competencies to coach and develop.

Cheryl conducts public and corporate workshops and programs. Several of the most popular are: Developing YOUR Unique Leadership Style, Retaining Talented Employees, and The Executive Leadership Program for identified “high potentials” in organizations. Her workshop for sales organizations, ROCKET Your RESULTS was featured in FORTUNE magazine, “So You’re a Player: Do You Need a Coach?” where she helped her client, “blow out the numbers.”

Cheryl worked for IBM for 13 years in sales, specializing in business solutions to improve the bottom line. As Finance Industry Sales Executive for IBM she helped her clients solve business problems with multi-million dollar solutions sold to top executives.

Cheryl is a certified graduate of CoachU (a three year program) and certified “Teleclass” Leader (an 8 month process). She was a founding member of Corporate Coaches Committee of the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as a Host for the Internal Corporate Coaching Group.

She is certified in Hay Group’s Emotional Intelligence 360 Degree Multi-rater assessment (ECI) that identifies leadership strengths and “opportunities for development” in 18 key leadership competencies. She is certified in delivering feedback and coaching around TTI’s DISC Style and Behavior assessment. The Needs and Values Program, she developed, identifies people’s top 5 needs and values so they see the source of their upsets and orient their lives around these values/strengths. Cheryl is trained to facilitate the TKI Conflict Management Workshop that identifies the conflict modes one uses most often and provides others choices to resolving conflict. And, she is currently a contributing editor for Executive Excellence and Personal Excellence magazines.

Cheryl is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Economics and is a Hall of Famer in swimming. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband of 32 years and has 3 children, Sawyer (26) and Kristin and Collin (twins, 24). Her passions are sports, golf, gardening, swimming outdoors and reading at the beach; traveling, and enjoys watching her children take on all the new challenges that independent life offers.